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Press Release Sample: Geoffrey Altrocchi Turns His Talents to Social Media and PR

LOS ANGELES- Geoffrey Altrocchi – part entertainer, part communications expert is set to join the Public Relations work force in Los Angeles.

A Political Science grad from the University of California at Berkeley, Altrocchi first learned journalism at the Daily Sparks Tribune in northern Nevada, where he worked the crime, education and city politics desks, and wrote on several state-wide issues.

It was there that he was introduced to the world of news. He met and worked with public relations experts and press liaison officers from every major company and statewide organization in northern Nevada. He also met and worked with the the Governor of Nevada, US representatives and state representatives. He became familiar with AP style news writing, and most importantly he got in tune with the news cycle.

In addition to his duties at the Sparks Tribune, Altrocchi also wrote for sports journals and alternative publications while living in northern Nevada.

Altrocchi soon made friends in artistic circles in northern Nevada. IIn what turned out to be Altrocchi’s debut as a publicist, he found himself using his talents to help promote fellow artists and musicians in the local press. He helped several groups gain article placement in publications by calling old colleagues, which later went on to help their numbers at future events and shows.

A theatre and movie enthusiast, Altrocchi soon found Reno’s Bruka theatre, where he acted in several shows, and more importantly helped them improve their public relations and promotional programs.

Constantly seeking to experience different branches of the media – Altrocchi eventually stumbled across Reno Radio Representatives, a conglomerate of seven different radio stations.

He worked there for a year, falling in love with talk radio, and at times taking part in the production of some of the local shows. He also took an active part in promoting the different radio shows during the weekend.

Altrocchi then went to work as an assistant producer for KTVN Channel 2 News, which brought him back to journalism. There he learned more about visual journalism. Some of his were to catalogue the videos on the station’s Web site, which introduced him to web producing and Web site design.

From Reno, Altrocchi sought bigger horizons and decided to move to the film capital of the world – Los Angeles, CA.

His first job in Los Angeles was working for Rightside Advisors, where he was in charge of sending out mass e-mails of financial newsletters to thousands of subscribers. He edited the emails and sometimes added his own touch on the marketing copy-writing.

Altrocchi has worked for several publications in Los Angeles, including the Garment and Citizen newspaper and the Campus Circle. He also helped several theatres with their marketing and promotions campaigns, including the Next Stage Theatre, the Steve Allen Theatre and the Promenade Playhouse.

In the midst of all this, Altrocchi sought out as much Hollywood production experience as he could possibly find. He gained several hundreds of hours of on-set experience in student, low-budget and even major blockbuster movies.

Now, Altrocchi seeks to meld all of his interests and writing talents into a publicity or public relations job within the entertainment industry and he looks forward to meeting you.

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