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Geoffrey Altrocchi Sales Resume

Geoffrey Altrocchip


1811 N. Tamarind Ave. Apt. 321

Los Angeles, CA





To work for your company as a sales executive, account executive, or business consultant.  




Diligent, deadline-oriented miracle worker, who will extra hard to make you money and sell your product. Expect at defining territory and defining the territory with employers product.  





Direct Democracy Unlimited 2001-2012

Signature Gatherer

  • Contract Worker
  • Define own territories
  • Set own hours
  • Approach complete strangers and pitch a product or petition for them to sign.
  • One hundred percent commission.



Garment and Citizen Newspaper 2008 -2009

Advertising Executive


Went from writing for a downtown Los Angeles newspaper to selling advertising for it in order to learn how to create revenue for


  • Engaged local vendors in downtown Los Angeles selling the Garment and Citizen.
  • Negotiated prices


Rightside Advisors Beverly Hills, CA. 2007 -2008

Internet Marketing Manager


Managed a series of financial newsletters that were sent out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Helped edit the newsletters

and rewrite them to accentuate Rightside Advisor’s priorities.


.Programmed critical email blasts.

.Commandeered Direct CRM marketing.

.Developed a relationship with both second and third party vendors.

.Rewrote training manual


Americom Broadcasting 2005-2006


In charge of promotional and production duties for seven different radio stations.


.Worked closely with other staff to compose community announcements and internal communications.

.Developed sales strategies and presentations.

.Oversaw, and had final approval of all advertising that went through the station.

.Managed weekend promotions for local businesses.

.Produced my own show: “Friday Night Live”.


KTVN Channel 2 News 2004-2005

Assistant Producer


Chose the best video content for the news day and wrote much of the script.


. Produced different segments of the show.

. Managed talent, maintained contact lists.

. Worked closely with press officers.


Sparks Tribune


B.A. in Political Science, University of California at Berkeley

. Created a grassroots campus comedy troupe from nothing that attracted a huge following and packed hundreds into theatres.

Devised and implemented creative promotional techniques and strategy for this troupe. Directed several plays on campus.

Several advanced writing courses.


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