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Press Release Sample: Inspiration Is Just a Click Away


Photographer Paul Altrocchi is now the publisher of seven different photography books for sale on His latest accomplishment is “Words of Praise”, which combines inspiring words from the Bible, with Altrocchi’s trademark inspirational photos.

A native to the Reno/Tahoe area, Altrocchi grew up hiking. Today, he still hikes with the same amount of vigor and athleticism. Just a few years ago, he decided to take his camera with him on these hikes. Gradually, he started to chronicle his trips with his camera. Before he knew it, he had a considerable amount of photographs that captured much of Reno/Tahoe area.

Deemed a “billy goat” by family, Altrocchi is known to reach spots in the great outdoors that others cannot. Some say that’s one of the secrets behind his panoramic photography.

Altrocchi has been able to organize his work into seven different books, including: Inspirational Scenery, Best of winter 2010 and 2011, Majestic Mountains and Lovely Lakes and Waterfall Inspirations.

Looking at Paul’s photos is to look at some of the most exciting parts of the West, and to feel like you’re experiencing them for the first time with a new pair of glasses that improves your vision by 100 percent. Gifted with an eagle’s eye, Paul is adept at framing the perfect shot, and also capturing the scene with the right lighting, and at the right time of day.

All of his books and photos are for sale and on display on the photography site It is there that you will also find praise for Altrocchi’s work from the community, which consists of thousands of professional, trained photographers.

Altrocchi has also twice been honored by having his photos published in the Reno Gazette Journal.

For more information about Paul’s photography, visit

 Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience nature the way you never have before, and to be truly inspired!

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