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Press Release Sample: Rejuvenation Massage – The Pain Elimination Station

Look outside your window, winter is in full swing . But with all the skiing and the snowball fighting, sometimes being in a winter wonderland can bring pain and strain to our bodies.

Enter Lisa Altrocchi Mihevc – a highly trained eliminator of pain. For more than fifteen years now, Mihevc has been working as a masseuse, rejuvenating the body for her own business, the aptly titled Rejuvenation Massage.

While others might be content doing the minimum requirements to keep their license, Mihevc is a self-described “workshop junkie”, who is always adding another tool to her belt.

This holiday season is no exception. Mihevc is coming off of a three-day workshop, aimed at soft tissue release for pain relief. The workshop was taught by Stuart Taws, a British Sports Rehabilitation Therapist.

“His approach works well for lower back pain, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel, tight pirformis, psoas and other target spots,” Mihevc says.

A lifelong athlete herself, Mihevc started massage as a way to further study pain mitigation techniques she learned while playing softball.

Mihevc is also an aggressive cross country skier and downhill skier- an overall winter warrior.

Needless to say, she understands how rough the winter can be on your body, so she is offering a 1/2 hour introductory session of the Soft Tissue Release for $35.

“It is a great way to see if Soft Tissue Release can help alleviate some of your pain,” Mihevc said.

 For more information on her background, or to book an appointment, call (775) 832-4440 or visit on-line at

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