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Press Release Sample: Sex Relationships and Sometimes Love Sparks Steamy Debate

Sex Relationships and Sometimes Love Is Makings for a Steamy Night of Theatre

Let me ask you a question: are you thinking about sex right now? If you are, don’t worry about it, we all are. Let’s face it, sex is a major part of life.

If only there was a way to talk about sex, the emotions surrounding sex, the consequences of sex, and who we really want to have sex with, as adults, in a close, intimate yet light-hearted and well-lit setting- a stiff drink in hand in hand, while watching some of Los Angeles’ hottest actors ply their trade.

Well, actually, there’s a way to do all of this in one night. By attending the highly praised, award-winning play “Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love” written by playwright Joelle Arqueros, you can become part of a close-knit audience as actors confess everything from their freshly ruffled sheets, or at a bar as if you were their favorite bartender, or at a strip club, as if you were the stripper they told things they couldn’t tell their wife.

You can watch “Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love” every Sunday at the “Actor’s Playpen” every Sunday at 6 pm, 7:30 pm and 9pm. at 1514 Gardner Street, right before Los Angeles becomes West Hollywood and where some of the finest actors in town work the night away.

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