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Press Release Sample: Westside Eclectic Educates a Wide Range of People

Westside Eclectic Press Release

What does a fortune five hundred CEO, a cast member of “The Office”, and a Los Angeles Lakers have in common other than a winning attitude? They’re all able to work well within a cohesive group, they’re able to be present and perform well in the moment and they’re able to execute well without thinking.

Many want to know, can these skills be learned?

The short answer . . . yes! Not more than three blocks from the pacific ocean in sunny Santa Monica sits the Westside Eclectic, a comedy and improv training facility that is open to every man woman and child who is willing to learn.

Most everyone who knows anything about show business knows that there are plenty of improv schools throughout the Los Angeles area. Westside Eclectic, while it is the stomping grounds for many a talented actor, is not strictly limited to the “head shots and agents” crowd.

Westside Eclectic is open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn the basics of improvisational technique. Westside Eclectic does borrow, though, and mix, some of the styles and even some of the teachers from its Hollywood counterparts.
“The Westside Ecclectic takes the best parts of the other theaters around town and combines them into a hearty improv stew. Totally recommended!” says one satisfied student, Johnathon Zabel.

If the first installment of Westside Eclectic’s improv teaching suits the students, they can quickly move on to the next level and rise through all six levels, possibly even getting selected to perform on one of the school’s house teams. Although the classes are not necessarily restricted to seasoned performers, people who take the class will get a chance to show-case their talents at the end of the six weeks, according to Westside Eclectic General Manager Lloyd Alquist. “Our Level 1 classes are a great value and includes a final performance here at the theater,” says Alquist. There are other advantages as well. “Our students get in free to all shows here at the theater and we bolster some of the greatest teachers that LA has to offer,” says Alquist.

For anyone who is interested, there is a level one class starting later this month, on 3/21/09, goes through to 5/2/2009 and costs $285 and includes a student showcase.
There is also a Thursday evening one that starts on March 19, and goes through April 30.

If anyone wants to book a show, they can contact Lloyd Alquist directly by calling (310) 451-0850, or by going to the main web site at

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